Specialty Programs:

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» Youth Fitness
» Ski Conditioning
» Golf Conditioning
» Nutrition
» Flexibility
» Marathon/Triathlon Training

Golf Conditioning

Get your body into the swing. Golf requires explosive muscle actions accompanied by both flexibility and precise balance. In three distinct sessions, this program focuses on these vital aspects that are intrinsic to the game of golf. These are:

Session 1 Flexibility/Range of Motion Drills
Learn 11 key stretches and movements that will help you
• Increase your range of motion
• Activate your nervous system for greater golf club head speed

Session 2 Power Enhancement
Learn 11 vital explosive exercises that will train your body to store and release energy rapidly for:
• Increased muscle strength and explosiveness
• Increased golf club head speed

Specialty Programs Session 3 Injury Prevention/Strength
Learn 22 important exercises that will help you:

Decreased injury potential in hip, low back, and shoulders
Improved strength and stability during the golf swing